Origin was Created to Give Companies in the Fashion Industry an Opportunity to Reimagine How Products are Made and Sold.

We built Origin because we know that the fashion industry needs a fix. A fix that combats negative impact caused by over-production, excess waste and unsustainable product design. Created specifically for the user to accelerate transparency, traceability and circularity.

Our Founders

Origin was founded by Fo Hussain after spending many years sourcing suppliers and materials around the world and experiencing first hand how difficult it is for small businesses to discover innovation and insight into their supply chains. During the early days she met Co-Founder Beatrice Lafon and between them, they have over 50 years of experience in fashion and manufacturing.

Fo and Bea are driven by their passion to empower small and growing businesses to rethink how they make and sell products so that traceability and transparency stay at the forefront of fashion.

Our mission is simple, accelerate transparency and traceability with responsible tech to enable products of today to become the resources of tomorrow.

A new era of fashion starts here, together!


We’re proud to have a team made up by a group of Visionary Experts.

Our team is fuelled by a purpose of experience. The vision of Origin Innovation stems from a combined 75 years of our teams frontline experience in the fashion and supply chain industry.

Our love of fine coffee and horses is only surpassed by our passion to create awesome positive impact-focused products for our users.

Are you excited about changing the future of fashion? We are looking for amazing, mission-driven people to join our team. Help people around the world accelerate their sustainability efforts.

Andrew Bligh

Over 25 years of CFO and senior leadership positions in technology companies. Andrew has served as the CFO for AdvantageGo, MSC Software and before that he was the CFO at Anatwine.

Natalie Binns

A global B2B SaaS Marketing leader with 20 years experience in marketing and sales roles in EMEA and the US. Previously held global marketing leadership roles at Instart, Sauce Labs and Centrify.

Jarrah Domaschenz

An international Fashion Designer and Product Developer with experience in Sydney, London & New York, specialising in advanced UI and tech innovations.

Pranav Vaidya

Over 20 years experience with companies such as HSBC’s Investment Banking, Roland Mouret and All Saints to convert end user requirements into strategic and innovative technology solutions


A Powerful Toolbox to Grow your Product.

Origin Innovation is transforming how brands and manufacturers work together.


Origin Innovation has been selected for the Green Shoots programme. The programme was introduced by the Home Grown Club who acknowledge the importance of the environment as one of the most pressing issues of our time.

The Rising Star Awards are the first to focus on the achievements of women representing the female talent pipeline and the next generation of future leaders. Our Founder, Fo has been nominated this year for the award.

Our Founder Fo was selected as Woman in Tech of the Month by PA Consulting. A series exploring the achievements of brilliant women who are building their technology-based careers.

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