Pull & Bear dip their toes into the going pool

Think fast fashion and you think of Zara, one of the largest fashion retail brands in the world. They’re the leading company in the Inditex group, the world’s largest apparel retailer. Zara is known for implementing advanced production and marketing strategies to hold onto their position. They take pride in flooding stores with styles from the runway within short time spans.

Spain’s Inditex SA, Zara’s parent organization, has recently decided to explore a unique marketing avenue. In doing so, they are creating a video game for their Pull & Bear brand. 

Responding positively to the latest shift from physical stores to online sales, they have teamed up with Facebook and Instagram to develop the “Pacific Game” to attract younger buyers towards Pull & Bear. The idea is not to pitch direct sales but to develop a relationship with younger customers. The goal here is to become a part of ongoing conversations, to increase brand awareness.

This is not the first time that a clothing brand has harnessed the power of video games for marketing purposes. Previously, the fashion house Burberry created a game called B Surf that was the outcome of their TB Summer Monogram campaign frontlined by model Kendall Jenner. 

According to Tim Cooper, the director of brand game maker Peek & Poke, “It’s about adding that extra piece of magic to a brand so that you’re memorable in the minds of your audience.”

In Inditex’s new game, the character will collect clothes along their way from California to Tokyo, avoiding obstacles on the way. Users will have access to the game from Pull & Bear’s Facebook and Instagram page and also from their website. 

Considering the recent growth in their e-commerce revenue, Inditex seems determined to invest a significant portion of their planned $3 billion budget towards digital marketing and the video game is a part of the project.

Pull & Bear are playing the long game, only time will tell if they pull it off.

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